Scammers use Revolut to defraud customers

Consumer education is key to fighting bank fraud

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Targets for scammers

Younger people prime targets for scammers

People under 35 are fast becoming the primary targets for scammers on social platforms including WhatsApp.
Younger generations are increasingly susceptible to impersonation scams where fake profiles of well known celebrities are used to gain trust before luring people into providing personal and financial information.

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Bogus Elon Musk Bitcoin scams

Bogus Elon Musk Bitcoin scams still circulating on YouTube

YouTube is once again accused of not sufficiently cracking down on fake videos promoting Elon Musk Bitcoin scams.
A network of cyber-criminals continue to stream fake videos promoting bogus cryptocurrency giveaways.

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FraudTalk Facebook Group

FraudTalk Facebook Group reaches 2,100 members

As the number of scams continue to increase globally, so does the need for answers. Our FraudTalk Facebook Group offers a closed discussion forum where people share their experiences and find solutions to their problems.

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FraudTalk USA

FraudTalk USA launch in North America

We are pleased to announce the launch of FraudTalk USA in North America. Victims of fraud can now report fraud directly to our North America office.

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Romance scams and statistics

Romance scams and how to report them

Romance scams have increased by 382% in the past five years, often starting via friend requests on social media channels, but are also increasingly staged on reputable dating Apps.

Vulnerability and risk

Approximately seven million people in the UK are registered on dating Apps, and around 1 in 3 relationships now start online.
With little or no emphasis placed upon verifying whether social connections or dating profiles are real, or fake, there is a heightened risk of vulnerability and a significantly increased risk of being scammed, or worse.

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Read about Amazon gift card scam

Amazon Gift Card Scam

Beware of Amazon Gift Card scams that can hack into your bank account in seconds

Fake Amazon gift cards are being widely promoted on social media channels including Facebook and Instagram, as well as through phishing emails.

They often display messages such as: “We are delighted to enclose a £100 Amazon gift card as our way of saying Thank You.”

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